Psychoeducational and Therapeutic Training Center

Clear View Concepts (CVC) is a family focused psycho-educational and therapeutic training center. Programs and therapy offered through CVC may be beneficial for those experiencing excessive stress and associated cognitive, emotional and behavioral problems. Individuals engaged in high conflict relationsips in the family, workplace or community -- such as domestic violence, parenting issues and violation of community boundaries - may learn more productive ways of managing their excessive stress and conflict. 


Clear View Concepts aims to:

` Promote an end to domestic violence

` Improve family functioning

` Improve self-esteem

` Enhance parenting skills

` Shift rigid thinking

` Improve helpful feelings

` Improve productive behaviors


Mental and Behavioral Health Counseling


Counseling at Clear View Concepts is based on the principles of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy; specifically, Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy. As professional counselors, we follow the ethical guidelines of the American Counseling Association.

Advanced Parenting Classes


Each child is unique and may require different parenting styles and strategies. This skills-building program is designed to teach advanced parenting techniques. While the program is based on Dr. Jayne Major's "Breakthrough Parenting," other parenting interventions and techniques are used to meet the needs of each client and his/her child(ren).

Parent Education and Family Stabilization (PEFS)


The purpose of the course is to provide separating and divorcing parents with information that may help them negotiate the divorce process, adjust to the changes in family structure, and develop a more productive co-parenting relationship that is non-adversarial and most nurturing to the child(ren). This course is approved by the Florida Department of Children and Family Services and is designed to meet or exceed the educational requirements outlined in Florida Statutes, Chapter 61.21.



This program is specifically geared for children of divorcing parents and was developed by Dr. Gary Neuman. The program breaks children up into age groups (6-7, 8-10, 11-13, 14-17) and provides age appropriate materials, instruction, and support to help children develop the coping skills needed during and after their parents' divorce. 

Emotional Management Training


EMT is an eight (8) hour stand alone, competency based program designed to address intense, non-productive emotions that get in the way of one's ability to engage in mutually beneficial relationships and interactions with other, that interfere with accomplishing realistic goals, that puts the individual or others at risk, and that continuously leads to conflict with significant others and society. While following a set curriculum, this program will be tailored to meet the individual needs of each client. - A certified representative of CVC will facilitate the EMT classes, which can be expanded to up to twenty-six (26) classes. 

Abuse Education for Men a/k/a Batterer's Intervention Program


BIP groups are intended to help men who choose to abuse to change their controlling beliefs. Based on the Duluth and EMERGE power and control models, classes are conducted in a group setting during which individual participants examine thoughts, intents and actions. Although the program is no longer regulated, Clear VIew Concepts has been granted certification as a Batterer's Intervention Program in Florida's Fourth Judicial Circuit by the Department of Children and Families (Program ID No.: 111293). This program meets and exceeds the minimum standards outlined in The Florida Administrative Code, Chapter 65H.